Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Valentines!

This Valentines day Heath had to work ALL DAY, ALL WEEKEND! So I was alone but, we did get to take a fun little trip on Monday to St. Augustine, FL.

We drove down on Monday morning it took about 4.5 hours to get there. When we did get there though, the weather was amazing! Windows open and sunroof open. After some lunch we stopped at the Fountain of Youth, it was really neat! This picture is a little recreation of Ponce de Leon finding the Fountain of Youth. The water tables are so low now that it is really more like a well that they draw water up from. I know what you are wondering and YES we did have a drink from the Fountain of Youth. All I can say is it better work because it tasted terrible! As you may note there are not many pictures of this event because, my camera was acting up yet again.

After the Fountain of Youth, we drove around a bit, checking everything out. We eventually made it out to our hotel just as a huge rain cloud came up. Not to worry, our hotel was equipped with a wonderful indoor hot tub in beautiful glass atrium. Later that night, we headed out in no particular directions to look for a place to eat. We finally found a yummy place called "Harry's" it was New Orleans cuisine in huge, old, plantation looking house. We had a wonderful dinner and for dessert I had...wait for it....a creme brulee martini. How great does that sound?!? Well, let me just tell you it was heaven. Again, no pictures...Stupid Camera.

Tuesday morning we got up and headed out fairly quickly, as we had a loong list of things we wanted to see and do. I was slightly worried at first because about 90% of what we had planned to do was outside and a cold front had moved in the night before and it was freezing!
First stop, The Bunnery, for ham and cheese croissants and hot chocolate. Second stop on our list was Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, we did not however go through the museum because what we were looking for was in the lobby, The Fertility Statues. You can read the article but word is over 2000 pregnancies have been credited to women touching them, we figured it couldn't hurt. I mean it is February after all and there are two of them and two of us...that makes four, right?!?
OK, I realize I may be stretching this a bit but, we were there and figured anything is worth a try at this point...not to mention it was free! Here I am with one of them. It said we were supposed to touch them. I happen to be leaning on this baby's head...I hope the fertility gods don't hold that against me! For all my friends who aren't having any luck in the baby department, these statues tour, here is their schedule. They may be coming to a Ripley's near you!

After our fun at Ripley's we spotted a cupcake shop, which was a must stop! We got yummy cupcakes in the flavors of Tiramasu and Chocolate Covered Strawberry. With cupcakes in hand we were off to the historic downtown area. It was so beautiful it reminded me of Savannah with a little Santa Monica thrown in. We spent several hours walking around. St. Augustine is the oldest city in then nation, which means all the "oldest" things are there, like the oldest jail, and the oldest hotel and the oldest wooden school house (see pic) All these things are in the downtown area, in addition to lots of great shopping, wineries, chocolate shops, restaurants. We spent alot of time getting all the "free samples" we could. I also had to make a stop at the Bath Junkie and mix up some fun products! In case you are wondering, Heather and Egyptian Musk mixed together is my new favorite scent.

After walking around downtown, one thing Heath really wanted to do was visit Castillo de San Marcos, it was a fort that was built in 1600's in order to protect St. Augustine from England. I have to say it was very interesting to see something that was built nearly 400 years ago.

After visiting the fort and little more shopping we had a late lunch at a Taco Bar. It was so good I now want to put lime on every taco I make. We made one last stop at a winery in town but I was cold and tired and ready to go home, so we headed back.

St. Augustine was so beautiful and so much fun. We hope to go back again maybe, when it is warmer so we can go to the beach. Cold or not we had a great time! It was such a fun Valentine treat and...

To my sweet Heath! Thank you so much for being my Valentine for the past eight years! I Love you!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

All that Glitters is snow!

I moved to Georgia almost eight years ago, and that was the last time it snowed here...well like this anyway!

I realize most of you have gotten way more snow from this storm than we did but, we were pretty excited about our 4" here! It started snowing around 2:00 on Friday afternoon. When I left work at 5:00 it was beautiful. It did, however, take me nearly an hour to get home. By the time I got off the interstate I almost couldn't see. It took Heath over an hour to get home as well.

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. When I first opened the door and Jackson looked out he went crazy barking. He was so upset by it but, once we went outside I had to drag him back in. Both Odie and Jackson LOVED the snow. They ran and played forever in it. Odie finally figured out he could eat the snow and that made for even more entertainment for them. They were running around biting at the snow. Odie also decided he liked having snowballs thrown at him. He would wait for you to throw one, then run like crazy and circle back around for you to do it again.

The sun is out and super bright, so the snow is melting fast. By the time Heath headed out to work at 12:00 it was already starting to disappear. I can't help but to keeping looking out the window the beauty of it is amazing to me. So, thank you God for snow! What a fun way to start a vacation!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

If the Shoe Fits....

...then you probably should think twice before wearing it outside!

We have had an enormous amount of rain this year. While most of the country got snow and ice we got rain...and more rain. Our yard is a soggy mess, which makes trying to get the car near impossible when you have on cute shoes. These are now my go to shoes....

Heath bought me these for Christmas and I am glad he did, they have saved many a shoe.

Cute shoes in the bag, rubber boots on and out the door I go. Don't worry I do change out of them once I get to my destination!