Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30

I have been a little frazzled and overwhelmed the last few days. I have had nearly every emotion you could imagine from excitement to panic. So I haven't been very good at writing.

Let me give you a brief recap of the past few days.

Sunday - After I got my numbers back and they were good. We broke down and decided to tell "The Moms". Heath and I were both really excited. As you would expect they were both overjoyed to say the least. It was so much fun to get to tell the good news.

Monday - I had several text and emails from various people saying that they were thinking of me ect. Emily was texting and calling Heath so, yup you guessed it...we broke down and told our siblings and Emily. It was really fun to call everyone with the good news. Brooke was super excited, I think Emily was a little shocked and super happy. Brandon was excited to find out he was going to be an Uncle and Ashlie made a noise that only dogs could hear. Of course, there were tons of questions and laughing and crying.

Tues - I had more blood work done to make sure my hCg level had at least doubled. It was at 714 so it had come up nicely. They scheduled my an ultrasound for Wednesday August 11th. The nurse said we should be able to see the heartbeat by then.

Wed - I now realize I have to wait 2 weeks before I go back to the doctor and panic sets in. I have been so used to going to the Doctor every few days, to think it would be 14 before I went scared me. That is 14 days without reassurance that I am doing ok...ughhh!

Thurs and Fri - These days have drug on like no other! Seriously...12 more days to go! Ahhhh!

Not to mention I have been super tired in the afternoons, which makes for an even longer day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25

Today I went in to get my bloodwork done and 90 minutes later I got a call back. Nurse Cynthia said my hCg level looked great at 247. I will go back on Tuesday for another test to make sure my numbers are going up and for that I am truely thankful! God is Great!

I know many of you know that today is the "2 Week" mark and your all fishin' around trying to find out anything you can...I would love to tell you all. I want to shout it from the roof tops...but I can't, I need to wait a little while longer.

On a side note, I wound up with not one but three positive pregnancy test. Yes, I was THAT girl who could not resisit the urge to pee on things. I always thought I would need just one but, shamefully I was not...It just made me feel better to see that is was positive. I didn't really believe it until Dr. Babymaker told me Congratulations.

*Side note - there may have been more than 3... I quit counting and then Heath banned me from buying any more!*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22

Today is July 22nd...

And I stand amazed at the Grace of God.

He is the only one who could orchestrate something so beautiful!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

but, for some pictures there simple are no words!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yes, I realize how incredibly creative the title of this post was.

I just wanted to give a quick update on my IUI. It has taken me awhile to post about it because my sweet grandmother passed away almost exactly 36 hours after my procedure. She will get her own special post later.

I had my IUI, as planned last Sunday morning. Dr. Butler said I had an excellent cycle. My final follicle count was 3 mature follicles with a possible 4th. The procedure went perfectly. Hopefully, my body will cooperate. The fact that I have had endometrosis could play a part in whether or not it will work. So, now we wait...

Over the past week I have had several people ask me "When will you know" and my response is...Heath and I know the date but, we have chosen not to share that date for several reasons.

  1. As much as I do not mind people asking about all of this. It could be very overwhelming to me if everyone were to ask at once or on the same day.
  2. Regardless of the outcome we feel like we will need a few days to adjust to it. It working could be just as shocking to us as it not working.
  3. Heath and I want that time to be private for us...because lets face it, nothing about this has been private.
  4. Ok, so this last one I am not completely sold on yet but, Heath really wants to wait and share our news (good or bad) when our whole family is together. In August! I can here my family screaming now...I said I wasn't sold on it!

Regardless of the outcome we will share our news with everyone when we feel the time is right for us. So until then, please continue to pray for us and please know all of your sweet cards, emails and text have been GREATLY appreciated. Even if I wasn't able to respond to each one. I love that sweet prayers are being said for my future little one(s)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

F is For...

Today's recap post is brought to you by the letter F....


This is the injection I have been taking every night for a week. The sudden increase in estrogen has caused me to be exhausted. He may be little but he packs a BIG punch!


The good news is that, as of today, it has also produce two very nice follicles, and a third that is growing close behind and two more smaller ones. So yeah for big, strong follies.


I will have another ultrasound in the morning and if the follicles are the right size, then my IUI will be scheduled for sometime this weekend! So, woo hoo, to that!

Family & Fun:

Last week, Kristi and I took the older girls to Atlanta for a big girls/little girls day. We had a great time together....

First Stop:

The World of Coke we had a great time seeing how they make and bottle coke. We watched a 4D movie where we searched for Coke's secret ingredient and then came the....

We were able to sample all the wonderful products that coke makes. Which did result in a few tummy aches. After a quick lunch we made our way to the aquarium...for what else....

We got to see so many beautiful fish, we all had a great time. Their favorite thing was the touch pools with the sting rays...we had to pull them away...and last but not least... we did have a few...


I think all parties involved will think twice before fighting in front of Aunt Brittani again. I can sound pretty scary when I pull out the "Mom Voice". Sorry there are no pics of the fight or of Aunt Brittani snapping! Sorry to disappoint!

All in all we had a fantastic time and look forward to future Girls Days!

Fourth of July:

Our 4th this year was spent with both Heath and I working. After we both were off we did manage to cook a few burgers with Howard and Linda. Then once it got dark....


Did you really think I would have an "F" post without Fireworks in it. They might have only been in our backyard but, they were fireworks none the less...We finished off our Independence Day by seeing Eclipse, which I loved.

That's what this post is....Finished!

Friday, July 2, 2010

And we're off....

So today marked the beginning of our IUI cycle. I had my baseline ultrasound this morning, just to double check that everything was good to go and to get a starting point. My first round of injections were this evening. Thank goodness I have a wonderful MIL who lives next door and is willing to do the shots for me. The needles are tiny but the thought of poking myself creeps me out.

Today was a crazy day for emotions. They have been all across the board. We have been stunned that it is finally here and time to start this process that we have talked about for so long. I have been excited for the possibilities it holds. I have also been terrified that it might not work and for the fact that it may work. Its scary to think how much our lives could change. It is crazy to know that in a few weeks we will either be incredibly happy or very sad. For now, we are just looking forward and praying that this is what works for us. Please keep us in your prayers, pray for strength and for a successful outcome.