Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25

Today I went in to get my bloodwork done and 90 minutes later I got a call back. Nurse Cynthia said my hCg level looked great at 247. I will go back on Tuesday for another test to make sure my numbers are going up and for that I am truely thankful! God is Great!

I know many of you know that today is the "2 Week" mark and your all fishin' around trying to find out anything you can...I would love to tell you all. I want to shout it from the roof tops...but I can't, I need to wait a little while longer.

On a side note, I wound up with not one but three positive pregnancy test. Yes, I was THAT girl who could not resisit the urge to pee on things. I always thought I would need just one but, shamefully I was not...It just made me feel better to see that is was positive. I didn't really believe it until Dr. Babymaker told me Congratulations.

*Side note - there may have been more than 3... I quit counting and then Heath banned me from buying any more!*