Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Mish-Mash Update

I have a ton to post about so, I thought I would lump all the pregnancy related stuff into one post.

On Wednesday Augsust 25th, I was officially release by the fertility doctor to a regular OB. We did get an ultrasound that day at 8 weeks which was shown in the previous post. I will have my first OB visit on Sept 9th, at which we will get another ultrasound...that hopefully will look more like a baby and less like a blob. We will also get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Up until now that tiny little heart has been to small for us to hear on the outside. So, we are looking forward to that. Here is a picture of us with Dr. Butler at our last visit (or Dr. Babymaker as I like to call him) Three cheers for Dr. Butler, he is a brilliant man!

So far, I have felt pretty good. The only two things that seem to bother me is being extremely's like having mono all over again, and food and I seem to have some issues. Most of the time, especially in the evening, the thought of food makes me sick and if I do eat I have raging heartburn. So I eat very little at night. Other than that it hasn't been to bad. Oh, on second thought, those round ligament pains are no joke, but they are not as frequent as they were a few weeks ago.

I also wanted to be able to see my tummy changing (I say that now, 5 months from now I will probably feel very different about it!) So, I took shots at 1 and 2 months. You can't really see any difference right now, except for the fact that I look much more tired in the 2nd picture and a little thicker.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The wait is over....

Twinkle, twinkle little star

how I wonder who you are...

We hoped and prayed

it would happen someday


Oh I'm pregnant by the way!

Estimated Delivery Date: April 8, 2011

Heath and I thrilled beyond belief to announce we are in fact going to have a little one. We give God all the glory, for only he could bring something together this perfectly! We thank you all for the hundreds of prayers that have been said for this baby, the kind words, the texts and emails. We are so truly blessed to have so many amazing friends and family. The are not enough words to describe how excited we are.

We found out that the IUI worked on July 22 and after good blood work reports we shared this amazing news with our families on July 25th. This teeny tiny ultrasound was done on August 11th at 6 weeks and I will have another done at 8 weeks on Aug 25th. I did manage to write a few posts that I left unpublished, I have posted those so you can see my initial thoughts. These posts are listed by the day they were written. Shortly after that our computer got a virus so there are only a few.

In the upcoming days I have several posts that will be coming so I can catch back up. I have some other amazing things to share regarding this little miracle!

Please continue to pray for my health and the baby's over the next nine months. We love you all and thank you for being part of this amazing journey!