Monday, January 26, 2009

Sheee's Here

I have the great honor of announcing the birth of my third niece...

Alivia Brooks was born at 12:35 pm today. She weighed in at 8lbs 10z and is 19"long. You cannot see it in these pictures but she has a head full of light brown hair, which I am sure will turn to blonde before long. She is super cute and sweet. I can't wait to see what kind of mischief she will get into as she gets older. Heath and I spent about and hour and a half with Casey and Kristi. We even got Heath told hold her! She was all snuggled up and sleepy while we were there. So cute. Kristi is doing great, she is like superwoman when it comes to child birth. I look forward to the years to come. Ashlyn and Alyssa already light up my world whenever I see them. Adding Alivia to the mix will only increase the fun. I love these girls! Congrats Casey and Kristi, we love you!

Here are a few more pictures from Alivia's first day!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wake me when it's over!

I have been a little slow with blogging lately, why you ask? is what we in the Bridal Industry call, Bridal Christmas. What is Bridal Christmas? Well due to the lack of originality by most men (and I in no way mean to offend anyone!) there is a large amount of proposing that goes on during Christmas and New Year's Eve and then just 6 weeks later on Valentines Day. Most brides want to get married in the spring but don't want to wait a year and a half to do it. Therefor, causing a tremendous surge in buying for approximately 3 mo. (January, February and March.) We do about 50% of our business for the year during these three months. It is similar to the Christmas Rush after Thanksgiving. Which is where the term Bridal Christmas comes from.

If anyone has actually been in a David's Bridal, especially on a weekend, during any of these months you can understand. On an average Saturday our size store will register about 30 new brides. This number does not include any previous brides that have been in before. It also does not include people there to buy flower girls, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or prom. I can also assure you that no one comes alone. So for each person trying on there is at least one other person with them, but more than likely there is actually 3-6 people with each of them (sometimes more) If I am painting a clear picture, you can see this is a heck of alot of people to help. This is alot of women, alot of emotions and alot of hormones.

Even though I work in alterations, It is no less hectic. We do fittings about every thirty minutes, it takes a minimum of three seamstress to get through all this. All those people I mentioned earlier (that are trying on) I am answering all their questions, helping size them properly, and trying to explain why the size 18 girl can't wear a sz 2.

I know no one will want to admit it but, every bride has those irrational fears and a few bridezilla moments (again, no offense!) which I am sure she will tell you were created by someone else just not doing there job properly. Getting married is very stressful I will give you that, but try planning 150 at one time. We are doing our very best and trying to do it with a smile on our face, while we get yelled at for the 5th time that day. So, if you are a bride please try to be a little patient were are just trying to please everyone and today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either. (HA! Just kidding, I wish I could say that)

I have come to realize that the engagement ring cuts off circulation to the brain, but the pressure is later relieved by the wedding ring. Therefore, making her normal again.

Think of me over the next few months, maybe say a few prayers, I need it...or just wake me when its over!

*disclaimer* I do in fact really like my job, it just gets a little intense during this time!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Harley & Me

* This blog is dedicated to the sweetest dog in the world *

So not to long ago Heath and I went to see Marley & Me, I went in prepared for the ending but I still left crying. This movie was similar in so many ways to my life. So, on that note I decided to share a little with you about my dog Harley.

I bought Harley back in 1998, on the side of a road, from a woman who rescues animals. I paid $25 for him, my clearance puppy! This was to cover the shots she had given him and for some other medical treatments. When I looked down into his pen and he looked up at me with his big brown eyes it was love at first sight. The lady told be she had found him on the side of a road, entirely covered in mange, he had been beaten and was about 2mo old at that time. He was now approximately 3 mo. old and his hair was just starting to grow back. I loaded him up and took him home.

The first few weeks were less than pleasant. He was a sweet dog, but would cry horribly if left alone. We had to put him in the garage when we left and he ate through the drywall in several places and made a huge mess daily. I even almost took him back, my husband at the time (Jerk!) told me I couldn't keep him. After many tears, it was decided he could stay and after a month or so things started to calm down. So our life together began. I trained him, I found out he was actually very smart. We became almost inseparable. We have been through alot together, I will give you a little taste and fast forward throughout the next eight years

Played with toys, learned to sit, learned to speak, didn't learn how to stay, went to the vet, wouldn't get out of car at vet, got neutered, moved to a new house, loved morning walks, hated baths, hated water, scared of thunderstorms, tried to climb in bed with us, grew bigger by the day, got lost, then found, stayed with grandma while we were on vacation, ate her meatloaf, grew even bigger, intervened in fights between me and my husband, stayed by my side nights I cried, still tried to get in bed with us, lost his best doggie friend, helped me pack, rode away with me when we left, started sleeping with me at night, still didn't learn how to stay, judged all those I dated, got scared at 4th of July fireworks, made me laugh, found a guy he actually liked, stared intently at Heath when he took his spot in the bed, watched me pack, pouted when I had to leave him in TX to move to GA, he moved in with my grandma, got a taste of table food, loved cheese and gravy, grew BIGGER, talked to him on the phone, finally reunited with me 6 mo later, went on a diet (him not me), loved the country, chased birds, chased squirrels, finally learned to stay, still hated grooming, took 17 hr car ride to TX, took a 17 hr car ride back to GA, bust a blood vessel in his ear, had to have surgery to fix it, had to keep his head wrapped for a week, rewrapped his head once every hour because he tore it off, right ear lops over now, vacation to Nashville for July 4th, not scared of fireworks anymore, loves the boat, REALLY loves fishing, still hates water, loves to explore, dressed up like Batman for Halloween, loves cats and kittens, stayed by my side while I was sick, helped me get happy again, celebrated New Years together, didn't really like champagne, go to Nashville again, more fishing and more boat, had large tumor removed from his throat, had stay at the vet for 5 days, was super happy to come home.

Which leads us up to the last year. The two of us have been through alot together and over the past year Harley's face has grown whiter, his walk is slower. Somedays he has trouble getting up or has a limp in his walk. His sweet brown eyes are starting to get cloudy. Inside he is still the same old Harley. I know my time with him is limited, but I will forever cherish our time together. He has been through it all with me, he knows when I am happy, sad or sick and acts accordingly. I don't know what I will do when he is gone, he is like my child. Until then he will continue to make me laugh and I will rub his tummy when he wants. We will be friends as long as time will allow. Truely, the best $25 I have ever spent! (Love you, Harley!)

One of our many trips to Nashville

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Next American Idol

Ok, so the new season of American Idol is upon us and every season the same questions pops into my head..."Where in the hell do these people come from?"

It amazes me every year that there are people out that are so completely disillusioned by their own talent, or lack there of. Do they post audition listings in psychiatric wards and homes for the mentally ill? And do these places offer day passes for them to audition?

Some of them sound like screeching owls or worse. Once they're told they didn't make it to Hollywood, they come sulking out to Ryan Seacrest and a group of friends and family who are simply completely shocked that their loved one is not going to be America's favorite pop star. Have this people ever heard them sing? or better yet have they ever heard anyone else sing? It kills me that people that love them would allow them to make a fool of themselves in front of an entire nation. I am pretty sure my family would snap me back into reality, if I were to attempt something that I clearly have no business doing.

Let's be honest though, without these clueless individuals what would American Idol be, it wouldn't be any fun to watch people week after week who were without flaws. The show wouldn't be the hit it is. So, that is why ever Tuesday and Wednesday night at 8:00 pm eastern standard time you will find Heath and I curled up on the sofa laughing at these people and cheering for those we love.

What can I say...It's our guilty pleasure!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out with the old...

So since 2008 was pretty crappy, for the majority of the year anyways, I have decided to start over new. That means new blog and all. I will give a quick recap of '08 for those of you who are new readers. Here it goes...

Jan: Excited about the new house, yeah! Promised to be in by April 1st

Feb: House people start to seem incompetent, a little stressful, still excited

Mar:House people really starting to irritate me, high stress and some crying

Apr: House isn't ready but we have to move out anyways and in with family, now I am really stressed and crying ALOT! and we have now added yelling to the mix

May: House people are complete idiots, have no clue, All I do is cry and yell. I take a vacation but its really just crying and yelling

June: Mother-in-laws house burns down, LOTS OF CRYING, now we are all squished into an even smaller house, We finally get to move in at the end of the month, but are now lacking part of our household that was lost in the fire!

July: In the house one week and a gravel truck drives thru the septic tank. MAJOR MELTDOWN...I am pretty sure my hair started falling out.

Aug: Septic tank finally fixed after a month. I begin feeling extremely tired and sick. Mom comes to visit...yeah for moms!

Sept: I am constantly exhausted and in pain. After several doctors one is finally able to determine it is CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) there is no treatment, but it is intensified by wonder I was so sick

Oct: Learning how to deal with CFS and starting to feel a little better and we take Jackson to the wiener dog races in Savannah, he doesn't win but, there is always next year. We take a short vacation in the mountains and it GREAT!

Nov. No longer in pain and tiredness comes and goes. The entire family comes out for Thanksgiving, we finally have enough room in our new house

Dec. Pretty quiet this month, actually don't feel to bad just have to watch what I do. Christmas is great and we do Cirque de Soliel for New Years

There now that's done I know it might sound a little whiny but, this is a new year and after this post you won't hear another thing about it. See ya 2008! Hello 2009!

ohh....and welcome to any of you new readers out there, and thanks to the repeats for sticking around.