Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wake me when it's over!

I have been a little slow with blogging lately, why you ask? is what we in the Bridal Industry call, Bridal Christmas. What is Bridal Christmas? Well due to the lack of originality by most men (and I in no way mean to offend anyone!) there is a large amount of proposing that goes on during Christmas and New Year's Eve and then just 6 weeks later on Valentines Day. Most brides want to get married in the spring but don't want to wait a year and a half to do it. Therefor, causing a tremendous surge in buying for approximately 3 mo. (January, February and March.) We do about 50% of our business for the year during these three months. It is similar to the Christmas Rush after Thanksgiving. Which is where the term Bridal Christmas comes from.

If anyone has actually been in a David's Bridal, especially on a weekend, during any of these months you can understand. On an average Saturday our size store will register about 30 new brides. This number does not include any previous brides that have been in before. It also does not include people there to buy flower girls, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or prom. I can also assure you that no one comes alone. So for each person trying on there is at least one other person with them, but more than likely there is actually 3-6 people with each of them (sometimes more) If I am painting a clear picture, you can see this is a heck of alot of people to help. This is alot of women, alot of emotions and alot of hormones.

Even though I work in alterations, It is no less hectic. We do fittings about every thirty minutes, it takes a minimum of three seamstress to get through all this. All those people I mentioned earlier (that are trying on) I am answering all their questions, helping size them properly, and trying to explain why the size 18 girl can't wear a sz 2.

I know no one will want to admit it but, every bride has those irrational fears and a few bridezilla moments (again, no offense!) which I am sure she will tell you were created by someone else just not doing there job properly. Getting married is very stressful I will give you that, but try planning 150 at one time. We are doing our very best and trying to do it with a smile on our face, while we get yelled at for the 5th time that day. So, if you are a bride please try to be a little patient were are just trying to please everyone and today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either. (HA! Just kidding, I wish I could say that)

I have come to realize that the engagement ring cuts off circulation to the brain, but the pressure is later relieved by the wedding ring. Therefore, making her normal again.

Think of me over the next few months, maybe say a few prayers, I need it...or just wake me when its over!

*disclaimer* I do in fact really like my job, it just gets a little intense during this time!