Saturday, January 17, 2009

Harley & Me

* This blog is dedicated to the sweetest dog in the world *

So not to long ago Heath and I went to see Marley & Me, I went in prepared for the ending but I still left crying. This movie was similar in so many ways to my life. So, on that note I decided to share a little with you about my dog Harley.

I bought Harley back in 1998, on the side of a road, from a woman who rescues animals. I paid $25 for him, my clearance puppy! This was to cover the shots she had given him and for some other medical treatments. When I looked down into his pen and he looked up at me with his big brown eyes it was love at first sight. The lady told be she had found him on the side of a road, entirely covered in mange, he had been beaten and was about 2mo old at that time. He was now approximately 3 mo. old and his hair was just starting to grow back. I loaded him up and took him home.

The first few weeks were less than pleasant. He was a sweet dog, but would cry horribly if left alone. We had to put him in the garage when we left and he ate through the drywall in several places and made a huge mess daily. I even almost took him back, my husband at the time (Jerk!) told me I couldn't keep him. After many tears, it was decided he could stay and after a month or so things started to calm down. So our life together began. I trained him, I found out he was actually very smart. We became almost inseparable. We have been through alot together, I will give you a little taste and fast forward throughout the next eight years

Played with toys, learned to sit, learned to speak, didn't learn how to stay, went to the vet, wouldn't get out of car at vet, got neutered, moved to a new house, loved morning walks, hated baths, hated water, scared of thunderstorms, tried to climb in bed with us, grew bigger by the day, got lost, then found, stayed with grandma while we were on vacation, ate her meatloaf, grew even bigger, intervened in fights between me and my husband, stayed by my side nights I cried, still tried to get in bed with us, lost his best doggie friend, helped me pack, rode away with me when we left, started sleeping with me at night, still didn't learn how to stay, judged all those I dated, got scared at 4th of July fireworks, made me laugh, found a guy he actually liked, stared intently at Heath when he took his spot in the bed, watched me pack, pouted when I had to leave him in TX to move to GA, he moved in with my grandma, got a taste of table food, loved cheese and gravy, grew BIGGER, talked to him on the phone, finally reunited with me 6 mo later, went on a diet (him not me), loved the country, chased birds, chased squirrels, finally learned to stay, still hated grooming, took 17 hr car ride to TX, took a 17 hr car ride back to GA, bust a blood vessel in his ear, had to have surgery to fix it, had to keep his head wrapped for a week, rewrapped his head once every hour because he tore it off, right ear lops over now, vacation to Nashville for July 4th, not scared of fireworks anymore, loves the boat, REALLY loves fishing, still hates water, loves to explore, dressed up like Batman for Halloween, loves cats and kittens, stayed by my side while I was sick, helped me get happy again, celebrated New Years together, didn't really like champagne, go to Nashville again, more fishing and more boat, had large tumor removed from his throat, had stay at the vet for 5 days, was super happy to come home.

Which leads us up to the last year. The two of us have been through alot together and over the past year Harley's face has grown whiter, his walk is slower. Somedays he has trouble getting up or has a limp in his walk. His sweet brown eyes are starting to get cloudy. Inside he is still the same old Harley. I know my time with him is limited, but I will forever cherish our time together. He has been through it all with me, he knows when I am happy, sad or sick and acts accordingly. I don't know what I will do when he is gone, he is like my child. Until then he will continue to make me laugh and I will rub his tummy when he wants. We will be friends as long as time will allow. Truely, the best $25 I have ever spent! (Love you, Harley!)

One of our many trips to Nashville