Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out with the old...

So since 2008 was pretty crappy, for the majority of the year anyways, I have decided to start over new. That means new blog and all. I will give a quick recap of '08 for those of you who are new readers. Here it goes...

Jan: Excited about the new house, yeah! Promised to be in by April 1st

Feb: House people start to seem incompetent, a little stressful, still excited

Mar:House people really starting to irritate me, high stress and some crying

Apr: House isn't ready but we have to move out anyways and in with family, now I am really stressed and crying ALOT! and we have now added yelling to the mix

May: House people are complete idiots, have no clue, All I do is cry and yell. I take a vacation but its really just crying and yelling

June: Mother-in-laws house burns down, LOTS OF CRYING, now we are all squished into an even smaller house, We finally get to move in at the end of the month, but are now lacking part of our household that was lost in the fire!

July: In the house one week and a gravel truck drives thru the septic tank. MAJOR MELTDOWN...I am pretty sure my hair started falling out.

Aug: Septic tank finally fixed after a month. I begin feeling extremely tired and sick. Mom comes to visit...yeah for moms!

Sept: I am constantly exhausted and in pain. After several doctors one is finally able to determine it is CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) there is no treatment, but it is intensified by wonder I was so sick

Oct: Learning how to deal with CFS and starting to feel a little better and we take Jackson to the wiener dog races in Savannah, he doesn't win but, there is always next year. We take a short vacation in the mountains and it GREAT!

Nov. No longer in pain and tiredness comes and goes. The entire family comes out for Thanksgiving, we finally have enough room in our new house

Dec. Pretty quiet this month, actually don't feel to bad just have to watch what I do. Christmas is great and we do Cirque de Soliel for New Years

There now that's done I know it might sound a little whiny but, this is a new year and after this post you won't hear another thing about it. See ya 2008! Hello 2009!

ohh....and welcome to any of you new readers out there, and thanks to the repeats for sticking around.