Wednesday, July 7, 2010

F is For...

Today's recap post is brought to you by the letter F....


This is the injection I have been taking every night for a week. The sudden increase in estrogen has caused me to be exhausted. He may be little but he packs a BIG punch!


The good news is that, as of today, it has also produce two very nice follicles, and a third that is growing close behind and two more smaller ones. So yeah for big, strong follies.


I will have another ultrasound in the morning and if the follicles are the right size, then my IUI will be scheduled for sometime this weekend! So, woo hoo, to that!

Family & Fun:

Last week, Kristi and I took the older girls to Atlanta for a big girls/little girls day. We had a great time together....

First Stop:

The World of Coke we had a great time seeing how they make and bottle coke. We watched a 4D movie where we searched for Coke's secret ingredient and then came the....

We were able to sample all the wonderful products that coke makes. Which did result in a few tummy aches. After a quick lunch we made our way to the aquarium...for what else....

We got to see so many beautiful fish, we all had a great time. Their favorite thing was the touch pools with the sting rays...we had to pull them away...and last but not least... we did have a few...


I think all parties involved will think twice before fighting in front of Aunt Brittani again. I can sound pretty scary when I pull out the "Mom Voice". Sorry there are no pics of the fight or of Aunt Brittani snapping! Sorry to disappoint!

All in all we had a fantastic time and look forward to future Girls Days!

Fourth of July:

Our 4th this year was spent with both Heath and I working. After we both were off we did manage to cook a few burgers with Howard and Linda. Then once it got dark....


Did you really think I would have an "F" post without Fireworks in it. They might have only been in our backyard but, they were fireworks none the less...We finished off our Independence Day by seeing Eclipse, which I loved.

That's what this post is....Finished!


Ashlie said...

Let me know how your ultrasound goes today!!!!!!!!!! Praying for IUI this weekend!!!! Here's to good strong follies.

Jennifer said...

Thinking about you! I hope you have very good news in a few weeks!