Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lucky Seven!?!

January 22, 2002, just a little past midnight. That's when it happened...I crossed the line and officially became a Georgia Peach. We drove into Georgia that night, which happened to be Heath's Birthday, at the state line we got out and took a picture by the "Welcome to Georgia" sign. Heath has me slung over his shoulder. He says its the best birthday present he has ever gotten.

Georgia is very different than Texas, we are in the deep south here! Over the past seven years I have learned the Georgian ways. I though I might enlighten you with a few, seven to be exact. One for each year I have been here.

1. A package store is in fact a liquor store, you cannot mail a package here or buy wrapping paper.

2. Women carry pocketbooks, not purses.

3. When someone tells you they are "ill" they are really just in a bad mood it doesn't mean they are sick.

4. Greens, Fat Back, Neck bone and Ho Cakes are all soul food, people actually eat this stuff. Let me be more specific...Some people eat this, I do not!

5. Bush Hoggin' as scary as it sounds really just means clearing land.

6. The word Cherry Blossom takes on a whole new meaning in the spring, this is referring to an entire week when the whole town stops and EVERYTHING goes pink. I actually like this one, its very pretty.

7. Last but not least...The Redneck Games...people come from all over to witness and participate in an array of white trash Olympic-like games.

Deep down inside I will always be that Texas girl, but at least now I look like I know what the heck people are talking about.