Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

Many of you have asked for pics so I just decided to post about about them. Both were a gift for my husband for our 7th anniversary. Which technically isn't until May 25th but, I had been a little sad earlier last week so he decided to give them to me early to cheer me up. IT WORKED!

Saturday when I came home from being out with Melissa I came in and laid down on the couch. Heath came in and asked me if I was ok. He left and came back a few minutes later and sat down. *side note: I don't know if you remember a few weeks ago Jackson chewed up several pairs of my shoes. Including a pair of Gianni Bini red peep toe pump, my favorite. I cried when he chewed them and said those were the nicest shoes I had ever owned. This was an indirect result of him bringing home Odie, who you can read about a few posts back* Back to the story...He said I know these might not make up for the ones Jackson chewed, but they were the nicest I could find. I opened the box and there on that purple bag, the most amazing words I have ever seen...Jimmy Choo! I think I actually squealed. I felt like he had given me my engagement ring all over again. While they are not red peep toes, they are a great replacement. He said he tried to get something I could get alot of wear out of. So he actually put thought into into it. When I put them on it was like Cinderella putting on her glass slipper. I actually had to smell them...nothing smells better than Italian leather!!! I was super excited to say the least. So ladies...here they are!

So I know what you are saying....what about the bag. Well, I am getting to it.

Sunday afternoon we were at home after lunch with Heath's family. I was in the kitchen cleaning up. Heath was asking me if I liked my shoes and I told him I LOVED THEM! He went into the bedroom and came back out with a package wrapped in white tissue and said well that's not all. Over course, right away I could tell it was Coach tissue paper. I opened it up, I was in shock. I just kept saying "Are you kidding me, you already got me a gift." He laughed and told me he loved to see me excited and happy. Oh, and that he couldn't believe bags and shoes could make me that happy. So all in all it has been a very good pre-anniversary. He is an amazing husband, even before the bag and the shoes...

Oh almost forgot...here is the bag.


Laura said...

He did good! Your story reminded me of the shopaholic's girl. So cute!