Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Houston, we have movement!

So I got an interesting little surprise the other day... a tiny thump coming from inside my tummy, followed about 10 minutes later by two "muscle twitches" in the same spot. After it surprised me it took me a minute to realize it was the baby moving. I didn't feel anything else for a few days. Then, the last two nights while I was laying there, I felt it again. The first night it felt like I had a tiny butterfly in my stomach. Then last night, I had a feeling of tiny little pops, like popcorn (as described by Ashlie) and then a slow dragging feeling across the front of my tummy.

I was starting to think maybe I was imagining it because it is still early, I am a little over 16 weeks but, when I asked the doctor about it today. He told me when you are thin you can feel the baby sooner. It was so exciting! I can't wait until Heath can feel it on the outside!


Ashlie said...

Love, love, love this time!!! Enjoy every second....I loved being preggo. I bet Heath will get to feel his "daughter" very soon. Luv ya!!!!