Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: New Mommy Necessities!

Since becoming a mommy there have been a few things that I have found that I can't live without. Ok, maybe I could live without them but, things would not be nearly as pleasant if I didn't have them. Some of these things are life savers, others are time savers. I just wanted to share a few of my new favorite things with you.

The Cloud-B Giraffe sound machine has been fabulous! Landon gets a little grouchy right before going to sleep and sometimes he doesn't get into a deep sleep. If we turn his giraffe on he is out and in a deep sleep in a matter of minutes. We use it every day. It truly works miracles!

One of my other favorite things are swaddle blankets from aiden + anias. My mom bought us these blankets right after I found out I was pregnant. These blankets are so soft and gauzy. You can open them up completely for a thinner blanket or fold them up for a thicker blanket. They are by
far the best thing to swaddle your little one in.

We also have the Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper. Landon currently sleeps in this in our bedroom. We pull him right up beside the bed. It has been perfect for me with all my "new mommy worries" at night. I don't have to get out of bed to check on him. Pretty soon he will have to move to his own room but, for now he is cozy next to me. We also pull it from room to room so he can sit in it wherever we are. Landon loves to snuggle down in it. There are several mommies out there that I know love this as much as I do and could not have survived without it.

For those breastfeeding mommies out there this one is a "must have"! I keep the Medela Harmony Pump in my diaper bag. It is small and light weight. It is so much easier than carrying around the electric pump and I can always have it with me. I cannot tell you how many times I have used this when he was crying in the car and it is perfect to travel with.

Last, but not least. I no longer have time to sit around while my nails dry so, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Polish is my new favorite. It literally dries instantly. Now I can polish my nails while he is taking a cat nap and don't have to worry about messing up my nails should he suddenly wake up.