Monday, December 19, 2011

8 Months

Here is what my little man has been up to.

* He has 2 teeth now...and his bit me a few times.
* He waves hi or bye-bye, which ever you prefer and it is so darn cute!
* Size 2 diapers still fit and he wears 6-9 months clothes
* We have started finger foods and he really loves yogurt melts. If I need to keep him entertained I can put him in the high chair with a few of these.
* He has a really good army crawl and he is fast. He hasn't moved on all 4 yet except for just a few seconds.
* He climbs on everything and now has to be strapped into the highchair because he has on occasion decided to stand up and turn around.
* Any random object is more entertaining than any toys he may have.
* He has started eating meat, but still no cereal or apples.
* He is sleeping better at night now but, wakes up promptly at 7:30 each morning.
* Pinching and pulling hair is pretty common if you are holding him mostly because he is trying to climb all over.
* He is 100% all boy! Rough and tumble ready at any moment.
* He also drinks out of a a big boy (sniff, sniff)

And now here he is...My 8 Month Old!


Ashlie said...

Oh my lord, I love that picture!!!!! Happy 8 months, sweet boy. Can't wait to see all your tricks this week.