Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cupcake Heaven!

I have alot of catching up to do, but I was so excited about this post I had to go ahead and do it. I will play catch up later!

Sooo, with that said. This past weekend we were in Nashville visiting Heath's dad. On Sunday, we were driving around downtown, Heath was showing me around. We stopped at a red light and simultaneously looked to our left. I think light was shinning down from heaven onto this cute little building... Gigi's Cup Cakes! Heath immediately pulled across two lanes of traffic into their parking lot. (What can I say? He knows how much I love desserts!) We are ready to jump out of the car only to see the closed sign on the door. We stood there looking in the window drooling over their cupcakes menu. Ahh, such disappointment.

We spent the rest of the day debating on whether we should drive back 20 minutes in the opposite direction before heading out of town the next morning. We finally decided we could possible be missing out on the best cupcakes of our lives! So the next day we headed back downtown before we left Nashville. Thank goodness we did!

When we got there it was even better than I had imagined! Plus, it smelled so good. I was so excited. Yes, people I get very excited over food, just ask Heath! Here is what we saw when we walked in....
How cute are these cupcakes!?!

Their flavors were, to say the least, AMAZING!!! They had approximately 15 flavors made but, there were about 30 different ones you could order. I could not decide what I wanted. Then after some debate with Heath, I finally got two because I couldn't decide and Heath got one. They came in a cute little Gigi's Box. I wanted to to eat them right then but it was 10 AM after all!

Our final selections were...

Red Raspberry Chocolate - a rich dark chocolate with raspberry filling, raspberry flavored icing with chocolate drizzle and a cute chocolate heart.

Texas Chocolate Milkshake - milk chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles and a lone star on top. and last but not least...
Margarita Madness - I don't know what flavor this cake is...lime maybe? with a margarita flavored icing, a sugared edge and a tiny sugared lime on top. This one is pure brilliance...cupcakes and margarita's who would have thought! (I loved this one, Heath did not)

From the left to right: Red Raspberry Chocolate, Texas Chocolate Milkshake, Margarita Madness

We have spent the last three nights eating cupcakes. They are so sweet we have to split them. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing they taste. They are out of this world! I am a little sad I don't have one to eat tonight. Next time we are in Nashville we WILL be stopping!