Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cruisin' the Caribbean...Day 4

Day 4

Sept 10

Cozumel, Mexico

On Thursday we stopped at our next destination Cozumel Mexico. We didn't dock until 11 AM so we were able to see them pull the ship in to dock. It was quite interesting to see them pull this huge ship into a very precise spot. I know how much trouble we have getting Tom's boat into the slip! I must say I was impressed.

As soon as we got off the ship, we had booked an excursion that included snorkeling and a beach party. We took a catamaran out and they dropped us off to snorkel. While we were in the water snorkeling a huge storm came up and it poured but we kept snorkeling, we were already wet and paid to do it, so we might as well!

Once we were back on the boat it was all you can drink beer and we did! The sun finally came out just in time for them to drop us off at the beach.

The beach was so much fun, still all you can drink beer and "ritas". They had a water slide, a water trampoline, and something the call "the iceberg". If you ever have a chance to jump on a water trampoline it is a must. I laughed so hard I thought I would throw up. Its like a regular trampoline but its set on a huge inner tube in the water. So it gets wet and makes it slippery and nearly impossible to jump on. "The Iceberg" looks like a huge blow-up iceberg floating in the water. It is approximately 1 story high and you can climb it, similar to rock climbing but very slippery! Heath and Clint manged to climb all the way to the top and the decided to rock-paper-scissors to see who would jump off first. In the process of this, Heath lost his balance and fell off. He rolled down the side of this thing like Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall, head over heels. It is by far one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Once I knew he was ok I laughed until I cried, I thought I was going to drown I was laughing so hard and trying to swim. If you can't laugh at your husband, who can you laugh at?

After our water adventure we decided to chill out on the beach for awhile. They had great hammocks and tiki beds for two on the beach so cute. Before long it was time to head back to the boat.

This little video clip isn't that interesting However, just past my feet you can see the killer Iceberg" out in the water....

Here are a few pics from our little beach adventure!

After we got back to the ship we grabbed some lunch and changed then headed back out to check Cozumel. We did some shopping, they had some really beautiful jewelry. I really wanted to get a piece but this trip wasn't a jewelry run so, next time I go back I will be prepared!

Before heading back to the boat our final stop was Fat Tuesday's! I was super excited to see a Miami Vice on their menu, I had drank these before in Mexico so I knew it packed a big punch in a little glass! If you're gonna do it, do it quick! They also had a swing bar, which basically instead of bar stools there are big swings hanging from the ceiling. Which in theory seems like a great idea but, if you spend too much time a Fat Tuesday's this could be very dangerous!

The other great thing about Fat Tuesday's is that all around the bar they have these funny sculptures, which I am certain are there for those of us who have more than one Miami Vice.
Of course we couldn't resist!

So technically, the last one there was taken on our way back to the boat earlier in the day, but it was just to funny to resist!

Here is another little video from Fat Tuesday's we like to call it..."I'm in Cozumel, Trick!" You can also see the guy on the cruise that looked just like Hulk Hogan, you can see him at the end of the bar!

Cozumel was so Beautiful!
Our day in Cozumel was packed full, so by the time we got back on the boat we were ready to pass out. We did however manage to make it to dinner that night! We sailed up the Cozumel coast that night and could see all the beautiful lights from the shore while we ate dinner.

Towel Animal: We were super tired this night, I think it was a cat. I only caught a brief glimps as I kicked off the bed before I passed out!