Friday, December 11, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...A little more Time!

I have been lagging behind in the blogging world since Thanksgiving. I can never seem to find enough time to fill you all in on my oh-so-exciting life. I actually have a list of about 20 things I need to be doing right now! Instead, I have opted to give you all the juicy details that you have been waiting for. So, here is a December update....

We put lights on the outside of our house for the first time ever. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Although, the tough part is going to be getting Heath to take them down...and no I don't have a picture. Sorry, I know how you were all on the edge of your seats, waiting for one.

Heath and I have decided to add one new decorating item to our Christmas collection each year, as our budget does not allow for us to just rush out and buy whatever we want...This year it was our outdoor lights and the lighting and decoration for the top of the cabinets. So we had to use our sad tree for one more year. It is beginning to look like the Charlie Brown tree. Bits of limb were falling off as I was trying to decorate it...again no picture, sorry! Next year though, I will have the tall, skinny, pre-lit tree my heart desires.

Odie has been fascinated by the Christmas tree and the gifts under it. I chase him off several times a day and rescue helpless ornaments repeatedly. Its a little old now.

We have started our Christmas movie marathon, one of our favorite traditions. We try to add a new Christmas movie each year, this year I hope to add "White Christmas" We have a specific order that we watch them in too! Its sort of a countdown to our favorites. Christmas Eve is dedicated to Christmas Story. Some of our others we love include Christmas Vacation and Love Actually! Those we will be watching soon.

We took our Christmas pictures this past Sunday, and I have to say I have become pretty good at editing them myself. When Heath complains I remind him I could be paying for professional pictures, that usually will keep him quiet! Those pics I do are a few of them...

On Wednesday, I went to Ashlyn and Alyssa's Christmas program at church it was so cute. The theme was Christmas around the world. Alyssa was from Mexico and Ashlyn was from China (I think :o) They were so cute. Alyssa even had a duet. Please excuse the way I look, I was so tired and had just come from work!

You may notice my lack of pictures, it is because my camera bit the dust. I may have to ask Santa for a new one!
So that is about all that has been going on so far. Two more weeks till we head to Texas for Christmas. I am ready to be Home for the Holidays. Hopefully, after the new year I will be a better blogger! Merry Christmas!