Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at a Glance

This post is a brief glance at our Holiday Fun, if I didn't summarize we would be here all day!

Decmeber 14 - 18
Emily and Adam were in town. We enjoyed spending time with them and celebrating Christmas.

December 24th

We make our way into Texas, we land literally as it begin snowing. Our first stop was Taco Bueno as usual. A short visit with Nana at the hospital and then home for fun and games on Christmas Eve with the family. We can now officially say we have had a "white christmas".

Here we all are in our Christmas Shirts, we decided next time we will do Tacky Christmas Sweaters.

December 25th
We had our traditional Christmas breakfast, Dad's taquitos and salsa. After opening gifts, we headed out into the snow to my Aunt Kathleen's house where we had lunch with family.
Almost all the cousins, we were only missing Melissa and Rick

After lunch we headed back over to see Nana at the rehab center (she had some mini strokes about a week before Christmas)

After our visit we headed back to the house for naps and a little Wii action.

December 26th
Saturday afternoon consisted of bumming around and more Wii. Saturday night however, we all went to Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie. If you live in the area this is a must see holiday attraction. You drive through a huge light display, then you can get out and walk through another area that also includes rides, food and a light show.

After the lights, we headed to dinner, and the Heath and I and Mom, Brooke and Shai went to Billy Bob's for a little dancing.

December 27th
On Sunday, we had lunch with some friends from high school, then one last visit to Nana. In the evening we went to spend some time at Brandon and Ashlie's house and enjoyed yummy pizza together.
December 28th
I got up and went to have breakfast with Jamie, my best friend from high school. We didn't have long but we enjoyed our time together. While I was out with her, I got a phone call, that they were taking my dad to the emergency room. Turns out he had a stroke. They sent him home but, he returned to the hospital and was admitted today for further testing. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. After some debate, we finally wound up leaving as scheduled around seven.
So that is our holiday in a nutshell. I will post our other exciting news in my next post. I didn't feel it should be lumped together in the holiday post.