Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness

No, this is not a post about basketball...just our March Highlights!

On March 8th - 12th Emily and Adam came to spend some time with us while they were on Spring Break. I, however, had to spend most of the time working but I did manage to spend a little time with them. We played the Wii, cooked yummy food and of course played boardgames.

The Thursday night before they left we did actually manage to get all of us together for dinner. This is very rare that we can all manage a night off together. We all went to eat at Shogun. Our family is getting so large that we barely all fit at one table. The girls enjoyed watching them cook but, Ashlyn was not too crazy about the fire! Here are some pics from the night.

One of our favorite things about March is the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is so much fun to see the entire town go pink. We try to go to at least on event each year. This year we decided to go to see the Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band. Linda and Howard joined us and we even let Odie come and practice being around other people. Odie was a little scared but he did really well. We had fun eating all the yummy food and listening to the band. We also saw the Sea Lion Show and Heath bought me a Cherry Blossom tree which we planted in the front yard.

Lacey the Pink Poodle is well known around the Cherry Blossom Festival and she happened to be out the night we were there. I think she and Odie might have had a love connection!
I also wanted to give an update on the Baby Dust book, all the pages have been mailed out to those who have emailed me. I still have a few pages left, if you are interested please see the post below for information. I also would like to say Thank you to all those who offered to make pages, your support has been amazing. The pages have already started rolling in and they are incredible! Once I have them all back I do plan to post pictures of my book, so look for it sometime in late April. Happy Spring Everyone!