Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Hoppin' Good Time in Texas!

This Easter I decided to spend in Texas for several reasons:

1 - It has been almost 9 years since I have celebrated an Easter with my family

2. - It just so happened to be first Monday at Canton


3 - has a little something to do with this little lady...

I figured it was about time for Presley to meet me. I mean we wouldn't want to withhold what will undoubtedly be her favorite aunt forever! Right!

The Thursday night before Easter I hopped a plane to Texas after work. The wind nearly blew my plane off the runway as we landed but, I did make it in safe...but a little scared!

On Friday, we spent most of the day playing beauty shop. Brooke cut and colored my hair and then all the girls went for pedi's. We did also make a short trip out to see Nana and later that evening we met up with Brandon in Rockwall for dinner at Gloria's. It was so yummy! Having Mexican at least once while I am in Texas is always on my to do list.

Saturday, we all got up early and headed out to Canton. We even managed to talk Brandon into going...although, I am not to sure how excited he was about it. The boys eventually drifted off to look at their own things but the girls spent time shopping and finding wonderful treasures. Even Presley enjoyed it but really I think it was because she got more treasures than any of the rest of us! Dad said Presley was officially "Cantonized"

After a full day at Canton we headed back home. Once we were there and recharged with dinner there were still some errands to be run for the following day. Mom and Dad headed out to the grocery store and Brandon, Ashlie and Brooke headed out to the liquor store. That left me and Presley at home together. Which was fine except that Grammie jinxed us! It went a little something like this....

Mom: Ok, do you mind if we run to the store

Britt: No, thats fine...

Mom: Will you be ok here alone with her?

Britt: ummm, yeah! I'm not stupid, I can take care of a baby...

Mom: What if she has a meltdown?

Britt: We'll be fine, I've had lots of meltdowns....I'll talk her through it!

Mom: Ok, we'll be right back...

fast foward 10 minutes....we have a meltdown....Thanks Grammie!

Thank goodness, Brandon and Ashlie came back shortly after that because I felt terrible because I couldn't figure out how to help her calm down (but, let me say for the record that she has had meltdowns with both Ashlie and Mom so, it wasn't just me) It wasn't long after being back with her mama that she calmed down. When Grammie got back we told what she did! Here she is post-meltdown, she looks so tired from her busy day!

On Sunday we went to church but not with out a few pictures...

In her Basket

Aunt B with her Sweet P

Grammie with her Girls

One of our Canton finds.... I call them Grammie Panties!

After Church, we had a yummy lunch cooked by dad with a little egg hunting and silly string to follow. Later that afternoon we went back to see Nana again, this time with the whole family. They had a beautiful therapy dog visiting and handing out chocolate eggs.

All in all it was a fantastic Easter Sunday!On Monday it was just mom and I, we went out for one last visit to Nana before I went home. We stayed with her for awhile while she finished her therapy. After that we went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes, which I love! Finally, did a little shopping before I had to head back to the airport.

I had a great time in Texas and I loved getting to finally meet Presley. The really good news is before I left Texas Ashlie and Mom decided to bring Presley out for a visit in May! They will be here near the end of May and I can't wait to see them again!