Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor Odie!

Warning: This post has some yucky details in it!

So last Sunday night, around 1 AM, I let the pups out for the last potty break of the night. I let Odie have his turn out. After 5 minutes or so I heard a loud thump, which is usually the sound of him coming back up to the porch. Only this time when I looked out he wasn't there...

I went to the back door and called him. I could see him out in the yard next to the grill. When he started to run back towards me I could see he had a limp. As he got up to me I noticed something on his leg. It was blood pouring out of a massive wide cut. I immediately yelled for Heath and almost tackled Odie to grab hold of his wound to put pressure on it. The only thing I could say to Heath when he got to us was..."Can you get me a towel, Odie is hurt really bad and we need to find somewhere to take him." Heath immediately started searching for a place to take Odie. Which is not easy considering we live in the middle of no where and it was 1 AM on a weekend.

While Heath called, I tried to stop the bleeding but was not having much luck. I was certain he was going to bleed to death before we could get him help. The two of us were covered in blood. strangely enough I wasn't bothered by it, only worried about Odie. After many phone calls and google searches we called Westmoreland Animal Clinic in Perry. (Which flippin' rocks by the way!)
They had an answering service where we left our name and number. About 10 minutes later the vet called us back. By then I had finally gotten it to stop bleeding. Heath was talking on the phone to the vet and relaying his questions and my answers.

Heath says to me...he wants you to look at it and tell me what you see. Ummmm you want me to do what?!? Ok, so I check it out. It is approximately 3" in length and almost 1"wide and all I can see is blood....and white. Holy cow! I can see white...please tell me this isn't bone.

Since the bleeding was very minimal at this point the vet walked us through wrapping it up....with duct tape! I had to pull the skin back together, pad it with strips of tshirt, then secure with duct tape. He told us to bring him in at 8AM. To say it was a long night, would be an understatement.

We took him to the vet the next morning. We had to leave him overnight to get stitched up and so they could watch for infection and swelling. The white I had seen was actually tendon and not bone...thank goodness. After many stitches, and night in the doggie hospital, pain medication, satellite collar and antibiotics. Odie finally came home. He is doing good, but he hasn't been his usual crazy self. It will only be a matter of time until he is back. I will be thrilled when he can finally take this stupid satellite collar off. He runs into EVERYTHING with it! Including the back of my legs...Poor Odie!

I now have an Animal Emergency number in my phone. I encourage any of you with furbabies to find a number in advance and keep it in your phone. Searching for help took 20 - 30 minutes. Next time we will be prepared.