Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Dust Book

Yes, I finally managed to get my book posted. I was only a month later than I thought I would be. I have been a little busy!

I first want to say THANK YOU! To everyone who took the time to do a page for me. I truely appreciate each and everyone. My original goal was to have 12 - 15. I sent out 34 pages total!!! I could not believe the response I got, so thank you. They still trickle in a few each week. I will do an updated post in the future for those pages I do not have yet. If you have not sent it back yet, please don't worry I enjoy getting a few new little bits of inspration each week! I currently have back 25.

Before I reveal my book, first a few stats on my book.

  • I sent out 34 pages total, 25 have made their way back to me.
  • Of the 25 I have received 23 are from women and 2 from men
  • 18 are from mothers
  • 9 have struggled with infertility or miscarriage
  • The mom with the most kids - 8 (I have no idea how she found time to do one!)
  • The mom with the most babies during a single pregnancy - 3 (what a Rock star!)
  • Page from the furthest away - Tasmania, Australia
  • Page closest to me - right next door
  • 12 are Art Friends from AFA
  • 11 of you told me you were not artistic or creative, I don't BELIEVE IT!!!!

So without further ado, I give you my Baby Dust Book!

Book Cover by Me!

This one is by Heath, aren't I lucky!

Kristi F. in Perry,GA

Rochelle S. (Mom) in Arlington, TX

Dena L. in Bradenton, FL

Linda H. (MIL) Danville, GA

Russell B in Indianapolis, IN

Jamie M. in Joshua, TX
(That is Baby Lucas on the page)

Amy S. in Roseburg, OR

Cindy Jo B. in IL
This is the artwork on the back, the front quote is from the children's book " The Runaway Bunny"

Kadee D. in Arlington, TX

Martha C. in Seattle, WA

Kay W. in Chesire, UK

Suzanne N in Joshua, TX
How cute are those Baby F beads!?!

Laura A. in Blue Ridge, TX

Dawn S in UK

Jennifer M. in Crowley, TX

Ashlie S. in Rockwall, TX

Melissa T. in Warner Robins, GA

Oksana T. in Chenney, WA

Leesa S. in Fleming Island, FL

Sue H in Ft. Worth, TX

Beth H in Lake Havasu, AZ

Rebecca L. in Albuquerque, NM
Each one of these charms is attatched to a tiny card with a scripture on it.

Margaret S. in Wilmore, KY

Carol J. in Tasmania, Australia

I would like to note that the backs of these pages are also incredible. Some have more quotes on them and some having touching messages from the artists. I wish I could have shown you the backs of each one as well!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who made a page for me. This book turned out better than I ever could have imagined. I will do another post on the last 8 pages once they have all arrived, so you can see each and every one!


Ashlie said...

The pages are even more beautiful in person. I feel blessed that I was able to see it. Also, your blog is actually letting me comment?!?

Dena said...

Thanks for sharing your book - the pages are great and I love all the little facts you gave about the "artists". I've never been called a Rock Star before - haha - I loved that!

kimmysantiago said...

Brit, you are an inspirational woman. If only most woman had the courage and strength you have. I know this will happen for you! Do you have anymore of those pages? I would love to do one for you!

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

Hello! I have your name for the Check Out My Blog on Swap-Bot and I have to say that this post is amazing! The Baby Dust Book is truely a work of art and very inspiring. I will hold you in my prayers that God will bless you with a child. Never give up on your dreams :-)