Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Mayhem...

Yes, I realize this post is a tad my defense work is kickin' my butt right now. I have been running around trying to make ungrateful brides look stunning! Jealous yet?!?

So May.....

Like I said before most of May was spent at work but...I did get the next to last weekend free to spend with this little lady...

oh yeah...and Mom and Ashlie were here too! We had a super fun girls weekend. Which included lots of shopping, eating, chatting and movie watching. I spent a lot of time loving on Miss P. We also did a few other things but I will get to that shortly.I was quite honored that Presley's first plan ride was to see me! I hope there are many more flights in the upcoming years, with Georgia as the destination.

While they were here we decided to take a day trip to Savannah. We got up early and drove out to Tybee Island, for Presley's first visit to the beach. I was excited to get to share in some of her "firsts" since I live so far away I miss out on most of them. While we were at the beach she also had her "first" face plant in the sand...lets also hope it is the last! We didn't stay long because it was so hot.

After the beach we tried to go for lunch at Lady and Sons but the earliest they could give us was 9:45. So we settled for yummy Chicken strips and Spanky Spuds at Spanky's on Riverstreet. We did a little shopping and then headed back home.

Here are some pics from the weekend...

Beach Babe (before face plant)

Grammie and Prelsey

Tybee Island Beach Bunnies

Uncle Heath and Aunt Brittani with Sweet P!

Margarita Buddies

Memorial Day was super laid back. Heath and I went to hand out with Casey, Kristi and the girls. We spent the day playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, jumping on the trampoline and cooking out. Once the girls went to bed we had a mean game of Phase 10. We always have a great time together. Sorry no pics of this one.

Baby Journey Update:

I have struggled back and forth with how much to share about our journey. Several people have asked me questions about the procedure. This led me to to realize that most people are not familiar infertility treatment or even infertility as a whole. So I have decided to share most of this journey with you. My hope is for people to better understand our situation both medically and emotionally. I plan to add a timeline in my side column shortly so you can follow along with us. I also hope to explain some of the treatment, just as soon as I completely understand it!

I would like to say Thank You for all the prayers everyone has said for us. We were very pleased that all of our tests came back good. The doctor has given us the green light to do IUI in July. We have been busy buzzing around trying to get everything ready for that. It takes a lot of work to get all the medications lined up and to make sure we are getting the best price. Everything seems to be coming together financially for us but, we do ask that you continue to pray on this aspect for us. We would also ask that you pray that this IUI cycle works for us and that we won't have to do it again! So for now we are just waiting for July to get here.


kimmysantiago said...

Yeah for July Brit! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Rumblegirl (stopping-in from Swap-Bot)

Great pics! Best of luck with your procedure :)

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Sweetiepie from Swapbot

lovely pictures =] wishing you lots of luck for the procedure =]

Lara D. said...

Hello! smashyouupyo from swap-bot here.

Looks like a great visit! My best friend has a baby, and I live about 8 hours from them, and these photos of your time with your niece reminded me of them! So nice to see. I also liked seeing the photos of the baby dust book. Best of luck with the IUI!!!


ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

What an adorable lil angel.

I wish you strength and faith for your journey ahead.

ElizabethMD (swapbot)