Monday, September 27, 2010

Daddy Diaries Vol I

So this weekend with mom in town we set out to do some shopping for work clothes to fit me. I am growing faster than I anticipated and my pants no longer fit. Heath joined us for some shopping and this is the conversation we had in the maternity department in Macy's

Heath: What the hell is this? (Picking up a pair of maternity pants)
Me: Um, they're pants...
H: What's this in the top? (Stretching out the band)
Me: It's the band...
H: What does it do?
Me: It stretches over your belly...
H: But it doesn't have a zipper. How do you get them on?
Me: You pull them on and they stretch over your belly and the band holds them up.
H: Why don't they make men's pants like these?!?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Months Ago

I can't believe it has been two months, two months since Nana was called Home. It seems like a lifetime ago and it seems like yesterday. Some days I can't believe she is gone. We have missed her like crazy, we have been sad and we have also been relieved that she is finally truly happy. I have tried many times over the past two months to write this post only to stop because the words just don't seem to come.

For those of you that don't know, Nana passed away the day after I had my IUI done. I wish she were here to celebrate our wonderful news but, the truth is she already knows. She knew even before we did. I know she gave this sweet baby a kiss as they passed one another. One going in Heaven's Gates, the other going out. God had a perfect and precious plan for us. This sweet baby is due to arrive on April 8th, her birthday. I think to myself, she would be thrilled if she knew that...and then I remember she does know. Maybe it was her request. Ever time I look at this sweet child, I will think of her.

Nana was such an incredible influence on my life. I have so many wonderful memories of time with here. When I still lived in Texas I tried to include her in nearly everything that was important to me. We shopped alot, a couple Saturdays a month Mom would call her and ask her to join us for whatever we might be looking for. We would go pick her up or Grandaddy might drop her off at the mall. Sometimes we would go out to dinner or they might join us at church on Sunday and lunch after. She loved for us to make things for her house or to help her fix it up. Once I moved away I always called to talk to her all though, over the last few years she had gotten to where she wouldn't really talk on the phone. She came out to visit me in Georgia several times. She loved it out here, she loved to walk around outside and to watch the birds. I treasure those visits so much. The last time I saw her was at Easter and even though she said almost nothing I could see in her in her eyes that she was happy I was there.

Nana was such an amazing woman. She helped to make me into the woman that I am today. She taught me how to be strong, how to have fun, how to be silly, how to be a good wife. She was an amazing teacher and friend to those that knew her. Her heart was always so open and ready to give. She will forever live in our hearts. I know when I look into my new baby's eyes for the first time that feisty sparkle that she had in hers will be there. Thank you God for an amazing Grandmother and for a sweet baby too.

LilyMae Noble
April 8, 1928 - July 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 weeks and counting

On Thursday I went in for my first OB appointment. The absolute best part of my day was the fact that I had to have another ultrasound. I could not believe how much had changed in just two weeks.

I was a little disappointed when I first saw it on the screen. It just looked like a bigger blob and I REALLY wanted it to look somewhat like a baby.The U/S tech said it was all curled up in a ball and she wasn't sure she could get a good measurement. It is curled up, face down with the head to the right.

She pushed on my stomach a little and surprise! The baby jumped up arms and legs spread out and turned over on his(or her) back, so we could get a nice profile shot and a good measurement. I am actually measuring closer to 11 weeks, but they did not change my due date, which I was glad about.

Then after a minute or two it rolled over towards the screen and we got a peek at a tiny little face. It was really moving around and I was so excited that it looked like a baby that I kept laughing making it extremely hard to get a picture. Apparently you have to be still...who knew!?! So I would hold my breath while she snapped the shot.

I tried to label it because this one is a little harder to see. How cute is that!?!? I mean I realize it kind of looks like an alien, but a REALLY cute alien, right?!?

After performing for us a little, it rolled back over and they measured the heartbeat. We could actually hear the heartbeat while they did the ultrasound. So you can see it beating and hear it at the same time. As for hearing it, all I can say is amazing. It is amazing that that tiny sound is coming from inside me. Heath and I both couldn't take our eyes off the screen. What a beautiful sound.

The baby is on it back, with a profile shot again. The heart is right between the two tiny horizontal lines and the heartbeat is along the bottom. We had a good strong heartbeat of 165.

After all the ultrasound fun, we met the doctor and he went over all the do's and don't's with me. Did all the lab work and went over the payments. All the fun stuff that I could have done without. I just want to go in a have the ultrasound. Sadly, this was my last one until 20 weeks. I cannot believe I don't get to see this peanut again for another 10 weeks. Because I didn't go to the OB until 10 weeks my appointments are off a little so, I will go in every 3 weeks until I am 20 weeks at which time they will stretch me out to 4 weeks between appointments.

After my appointment Heath and I went for an early lunch. We spent our lunch laughing and talking about the ultrasound and about how it all seems so unreal. Once we finished lunch we headed over to Build-A-Bear. Grammie and Poppa had sent us a gift card to make our jellybean a bear that has a heartbeat inside. We spent quite a while trying to decide on which bear we wanted. We were both happy with our choice in the end. His name is Baby Bear and his birthday is Sept 9th...the same day we heard that sweet heartbeat for the first time. What a fun gift for a fun day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Overdue Vacation Post

I realize I have been very bad about blogging lately mostly because I haven't felt that great. I will however be catching up this weekend, I promise. We did, in fact, go on vacation about a month ago and I never posted about it. In an effort to catch up on things I am going to keep this one pretty simple.

So, we all managed to meet up in Panama City Beach, FL for a family vacation on August 15th. It has been several years since we were all there together and our family has grown since then. We enjoyed each others company for the week. We had a fantastic vacation together, which included, laying on the beach, swimming, eating...alot, drinking...alot, playing games, the dog track, family pictures, and water slide fun. I could go into more detail but I don't have much time so I will let the pictures do the talking!

Fun at the Beach:

Dollar Night at the Dog Track:

Evening Fun:

Family Pictures:

I love vacations with the whole family. We always have such a fantastic time. I can't wait until the next one. Love you guys!!!