Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look out Month #6, Here I come!

Hello there month 6!

I have officially been growing a baby for 5 full months now...23 weeks to be exact!

So what did month 5 have to offer....

* We found out it was a boy...if you don't know this, then this is obviously your first time reading my blog

* He moves...alot. Mostly in the evening but for now he is kind to me when I sleep and I don't feel him or it doesn't bother me enough to wake me up.

* He responds to music on the outside...and rather likes it. He wiggles alot when its on.

* He also responds when the dog must startle him.

*My tummy is starting to get tight. (Not as excited about this one)

*My waist measurement has officially surpassed my bust measurement!

* I pretty much only wear maternity clothes to work, I still have a few casual pieces that are regular.

* My feet hurt me in the evenings. Thank goodness Heath is willing to rub them almost every night.

*We (and when I say we I mean my entire family) has been a wee bit obsessed with shopping for the little man.

* Nursery furniture is ordered and nursery fabric is ordered. I will give you sneak peak soon. Mom and Dad are coming next week to help us get most of it together because lets be honest no nursery would be complete without Grammie and Pappa's touch.

* My current obsession is...Chocolate Cake...I love it!!! I try not to eat too much because I don't want the booty to get any bigger than it has to!

That's about all the excitement for the month.
Look out for the Nursery Sneak Peek coming soon!


Jess said...

You look fantastic!!

Ashlie said...

I can NOT wait to see the nursery!!! It's going to be adorable. that chocolate cake, girl!!! You deserve it.