Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gender Reveal Weekend - Part 2

The Party
(This is mostly a picture post because I think the pictures speak louder than any words could)

Our Gender Reveal party was held the next night on Saturday at Johnny Carino's. All of our family and close friends were invited, we had about 25 people total. We had asked every one to wear either pink or blue depending on their prediction. I am just going to assume that not many people own pink because I am pretty sure there was more blue than pink. I was absolutely certain it was a girl (note the pink) and Heath was 100% sure it was a boy (as his shirt will show) I would also like to state that, of the two of us, I am right about 99% of the time.

Proud Parents-to-Be

Part of Team Pink
Presley, Mom, Myself and Ashlie
We were all certain it was a girl.
I would also like to note that Team blue consisted of mostly of Heath's family with the exception of Kristi (who was a strong Team Pink player) and Alivia (who was dressed by Kristi)
There were also a few other Pink Players but mostly it was Team Blue players

The Cake.
I worried over this cake more than I did my wedding cake.

We are ready to cut!

Here we go!

So, I think this picture pretty much tells you what color the cake is! If you can't tell I am quite shocked that this cake is actually BLUE! I had to look twice. I am never wrong!

I am just a tad shocked and I am still unsure if I am comprehending this whole color thing...

My baby is a BOY!
I am somewhere between laughing and crying (tears of happiness of course)
and Heath cannot contain his excitement!

It is slowly sinking in that I am having a baby boy and it's not just the fact that its a boy I feel like I would have been this overwhelmed either way because now this little one has an identity.

I'm wrong...SERIOUSLY!

Yeah, it's Blue!

Its definitely BLUE!!

Somewhere in the middle of all this excitement Heath pulls out a Blue baby sock corsage that he had bought me, just in case his was right...for once! Here he is putting it on me.

I am laughing at Heath's excitement, the corsage and...and Really! I'm wrong!

Proud papa and his Blue cake.

Holy Cow! We are having a BOY!!!

Baby Landon

This is probably my favorite picture of us the entire evening.

This is the ultrasound picture that was sealed in the envelope in my purse.

It is definitely a boy. The picture is sort of at an odd angle it is almost a profile.

While I was shocked that it was a boy, I am super excited. This is the first boy for our family on both sides. It took me a little while to shift gears. I have never shopped for a boy before. I am surrounded by little girls, I don't think I had ever even been in a boy's department before. Sunday we spent time shopping and had a great time. After a little while I definitely got into the swing of things. This little guy is going to be VERY spoiled and we are going to have alot of fun, the three of us!

This was probably the most fun I have ever had being wrong...not that I have ever been wrong before!


Laura said...

I love all of your pictures! I especially love the one of you bent over laughing/crying-priceless. Congrats on your sweet baby boy!