Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 months down, 5 and some change to go....

Holy Cow! How is it possible that I am now, officially, 5 months pregnant. It feels like yesterday we were standing over that little stick that said the most beautiful word I have ever seen..."Yes"

Month 4 was relatively uneventful. I have started to get some of my energy back, which is nice. It is increasingly harder for me to bend over. Everything is starting to push up into my chest, making me short of breath on occasion. I am pretty sure I have painted my own toenails for the last time or at least until April.

This little monkey started moving and now moves alot! I now feel the baby on a daily basis. He (or she) is the most active between 9 and 12 at night. (I think this baby might be a night owl, like us.) It is so crazy to feel it moving. Heath was finally able to feel it on the outside, two little kicks. I have also been able to feel, what I can only assume, is the baby turning over?!? It almost feels like losing your stomach on a roller coaster. Whatever it is, is a very odd sensation!

My wardrobe is becoming more limited as I get bigger. Many of my pre-pregnancy shirts are getting too small, or more like too short. Maternity clothing (that looks decent) is very limited, so I have had to do a little creative shopping. Thank goodness long shirts and sweaters are in! I actually don't mind my new curves too much. Heath likes my new Kardashian-like booty, I don't mind it much either, provided it doesn't get much bigger!

In just 2 weeks we will be having the ultrasound to find out the sex, only we won't be finding out that day. The following day, we are having a gender reveal party, with family and friends to find out what we are having. We will have the cake, and cut it to reveal either pink or blue inside. I am so excited about this I can't wait. If you would like to make your prediction I have added a poll to my side bar. Let me know what you think I am or blue, either will do!!!

For the grand finale, here is my new picture at a full 4 months! I definitely have a bump now and thats not all thats growing!!