Monday, November 1, 2010

October Leftovers

Just thought I would give you a little recap of the things I didn't post about in October...

Heath and I went to our 9th Georgia National Fair. I can't even believe we have been together 9 years. We go every year. It is a special date for us and we love to go!!! Next year we will have our new addition in tow! We love to eat all the yummy food and make our tummy's hurt. This year was no exception. We ate corn dogs, nachos, and a "Big Chocolate Thang" (which is basically just a bunch of chocolate cake, hot fudge and ice cream) We walked around, watched the pig races, went to the petting zoo, looked at the exhibits and saw a couple of shows. All the good fair stuff!!!

A couple of weeks ago we went into Walmart. As I was in line paying, Heath went out the door ahead of me. Well, long story short, we added a new addition to our four legged family. We had been considering getting another cat and this little guy needed a home. So I gave in. He doesn't really have a name. Heath and the girls call him Spooky, because he is a Halloween cat but, most of the time we just refer to him as "The little guy" He is a great kitten and gets along great with the dogs. Sorry for the crappy picture, he wouldn't sit still!

I was also on vacation for a week but, I didn't really do much. Just a little cleaning and organizing to make room for Baby L. It was nice just to kick back and relax. For Halloween Heath and I went to dinner and to see the movie Inception...I will let you know how it was when my brain catches up to what I saw.

For now I will leave you with a new bump picture! Exciting I know! With all that said....HELLO NOVEMBER!!!!