Friday, November 26, 2010

Gender Reveal Weekend - Part 1

Holy Cow! Sorry it has taken me so long to post about this. Things have been crazy since last week and I haven't found time to sit down and write.

Last Thursday night Mom, Ashlie and Presley flew in from Texas for the weekend. Friday morning I had my ultrasound done which was part 1 of the gender reveal. I came to the Dr. office with quite a crew...7 to be exact and 2 babies. We took up most of the waiting room. I don't think they had ever seen that many people for an ultrasound before. I didn't care I wanted them all there. In addition to Mom, Ashlie and P, Kristi and the girls and Linda all came too. Of course Heath was there.

When it was finally our turn to go we all bunched into the room to take a peek at the little one. When it was time to get the "money shot" I made everyone hide their eyes so that there was no peeking!!! Afterwards, the ultrasound tech called the results in to the cake lady and then sealed THE SHOT in an envelope. It was driving everyone (but me I think) crazy that the results were right there in our hands and we couldn't look.

After our appointment we all went for lunch downtown and then off to get ready for the next day!

Take a look at our pics aren't they cute!!!


Tiny Feet

Tiny Face


Ashlie said...

So cute!!!! I love love love his teeny tiny feet <3