Thursday, February 10, 2011

On my way to 8 Months!

I have been MIA in the blogging world for awhile, mostly because I am completely overwhelmed with things that I have going on right now. I am swamped at work and have a million things on my To-Do list at home. As a matter of fact I probably shouldn't even be sitting here right now, I should be doing something else...but, I'm not. I instead choose to share with you my lovely 7th month. Enjoy!

  • I have officially started seeing the Dr. every two weeks.
  • Heartburn = Massive Understatement
  • I have Braxton-Hicks contractions nearly everyday, sometimes several times a day.
  • Baby Boy is STRONG! I generally have to push various body parts back in because he apparently enjoys a good stretch
  • My belly last measured 32 uterus was 31.5 cm of that! Which means my entire stomach is uterus... makes me cringe a little!
  • Besides Heath, Kristi and Alyssa have been the only other two to feel him move. He gets shy when people try to feel him wiggling
  • I am registered at the hospital
  • He is in an oblique position, which he seems to prefer. He has yet to be head down. Right now head is directly at my left hip and booty is at my right rib cage. He love to ball up on the right side of my rib cage which makes for an interesting stomach shape.
  • I can only lay down for about 5-6 hours before my ribs start to ache and I either have to get up for awhile or prop myself upright into an almost sitting position.
  • I am almost as tired as I was in the first trimester. This exhaustion paired with my work load right now is not the best combination.
  • I am moving slower every day, if I move to fast my muscles protest.
  • While I still love chocolate cake, my current fascination is with Brey.ers Vanilla Ice Cream
  • I am so ready to meet him I can't stand it. Every baby show I see makes me cry.
  • I have also suddenly realized he is going to have to come out sooner than later...I am not exactly sure I feel about that process just yet...
  • I still love being pregnant!

Here is the photo at a full 7 months.

I CAN NOT believe how the time has flown!!! Next week we will be in Texas for the first baby shower. I am so excited to see everyone. Look for pictures of our weekend coming soon...if I don't drown under my own To Do list before then!


Ashlie said...

Yay!!! Can't wait to see you in Texas! This may be a stupid questions, but...How do they measure your belly vs. just your uterus??

Brittani said...

They measure my tummy for the full amount, then they feel where my uterus stops and take a different measurement. It basically means there is nothing between him and the outside but skin...ugghh!