Monday, August 8, 2011

4 Months Old

My sweet little man is now 4 months old I cannot believe how quickly this 4 months has passed. We adore him! He is truly one of the best babies ever. Here is what he is up to now.
  • He can sit up as long as he is supported, he loves to be upright.
  • Drooling is a constant thing. We go through several bibs a day
  • He just moved into size 2 diapers and is just now in 3-6 months clothing
  • "Tummy time" has now turned into "Rolling onto his back as quickly as possible time"
  • He is REALLY, REALLY close to being able to roll from his back to tummy
  • He sleeps in his crib at night for about 7 hours and usually goes to sleep around midnight.
  • In the morning he loves to lay in bed with me and quietly talk and play with my face
  • He puts everything he can get his hands on in his mouth
  • Loves to play with his feet and has recently realized he can pull his socks off
  • He has taken his first road trip to Tennessee to see Grandpa
  • He laughs out loud and giggles all the time
  • He is very ticklish
  • You have to be on your toes with him now because he will grab your hair or earrings in a second. Heath has to worry about neither of these things.
  • We are about to have to say goodbye to the baby bathtub because he splashes so much when he is in there that I am usually soaked and so is the floor
Here is my sweet baby boy. He is just the cutest thing, don't you think?!?


Ashlie said...

Happy 4 months, Landon Dean!!! Can't wait to see your squishy face in September...and havoc drinky-poo with your Mommy;)

Ashlie said...

*havoc=have a*. Sorry, sounds like I've already had a few!