Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leaving the Nest...

...Ok, so I know Landon didn't actually "Leave the Nest" but it feels like it. I feel like I dropped him off at college. I had no idea moving him across the house to his own room would be so hard...on me!! I have put it off for awhile because I wasn't ready yet but, seeing as how he is getting too big for his cradle I had to suck it up and move him out.

Before he was born we bought a video monitor for this very moment. Somehow, having the monitor didn't make me feel any better about it. The only thing it did do was keep me for going into his room every 15 minutes to make sure he was still breathing. I could just look at the monitor every 5 minutes to check!

Friday night I got him good and sleepy and put him in his bed around midnight. I chose to do this on a night when I was off the next day because I was sure I would be up several times through the night. He went to sleep pretty quickly and then slept...for the next 7 hours. Don't get me wrong, he did stir a little through the night, but he never full woke up until he was ready to eat at 7:00 AM. I was shocked. I think he loved being able to stretch out and move around. He got a great nights sleep and I was exhausted. Even when I slept, I didn't fully go to sleep, afraid that I wouldn't hear him. After he ate at 7 I moved him into the bed with me, just because I needed to cuddle.

On Saturday, I put him down for his naps in his bed and he went right to sleep again. Once, when he woke up he just laid there and played with the bumper pad until I came to get him. Part of me wishes he would have taken this a little harder. Cried to be with me a little or something but, he didn't. My little man is growing up and it won't be long till he really is leaving the nest...for that I will need a sedative!