Friday, November 18, 2011

7 months

Yes, I know, last month I vowed to be on time with this month's post. As per usual I am several weeks late! Better late than never, right!?! Here is what the little guy has been up to...
  • He is 28" long (78%) and 15lbs 13oz (10%)
  • He still cannot crawl but, he can definitely get where ever he wants to just by rolling and scooting.
  • He is eating sooo much! He has a sensitive tummy though and spits up ALL the time!
  • When I am feeding him his baby food and he is ready for another bite, he opens his mouth and leans forward. I think he looks like a tiny baby bird waiting for food. Oh how I love it!
  • There is one lone tooth in that little mouth (bottom left) it is so cute! With the one right next to it following close behind.
  • He is still in 3-6 month clothes around but needs 9 month pants because he is so long!
  • He had been having some trouble sleeping but, I think we may have gotten most of the kinks worked out. Bedtime and sleeping through the night is still a work in progress.
  • NOTHING gets past this guy! He is so observant, he constantly sits and watches people and looks at how things work.
  • He has started to get so much fuzzy white hair on top, I wish you could see it in the pictures.
  • He says Mama with purpose now, he clearly calls for me (I REALLY love this!)
  • When I come home from work he gasps with excitement when he sees me. Everyone should be greeted this way, it makes my heart happy.
  • If he wants you to pick him up or hold him he holds his tiny little arms up to you.
  • He is such a ham, he makes the funniest little faces, blows bubbles, makes silly noises and does what I call the baby whisper.
  • He can also recognize my parents and Presley on Skype. He gets so excited when he sees them and tries to reach and grab the screen.
These past 7 months have flown by, I cannot believe in just a few short months he will be a year old. It makes me sad that it is going by so fast. I treasure every single moment with him. I want to remember everything and we are super excited for the holidays this year.

And, for the Grand Finale... let me just say this was not the best 7 month picture I took. I had better ones but this one shows off his little personality so well I had to use it.

Does anyone else think this monkey is shrinking. It sure looks like it because there is no way my baby could be this big!

These pictures are getting harder to take every month. I usually have to take about 15 just to get one good one. Here are some of our out takes from this month.


Ashlie said...

He's getting so big, tear. He looks huge next to his monkey! I can Not wait to get my hands on him!!!