Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Halloween Edition

This year Halloween was, of course, very different from ones in the past. I had so much fun making Landon's costume (which Heath picked out last year before we even knew he was a boy) While I did spend most of the night behind the camera, Heath did manage to take the camera the few times I was carrying him. My back was giving me alot of trouble from carrying him around so much and I had a migraine but, I was NOT going to miss this little guy's FIRST Halloween.

This is our small decoy bag that only held a few pieces of candy when it was full we dumped it into our big bag. Yeah, we're scandalous like that!

Landon loved watching everyone and going to all the houses.

Getting some good practice for next year!

This little guy is All Done! He feel asleep directly following this picture!


Ashlie said...

I love love love the last picture! I miss that sleepy cuddly goodness. Miss y'all!