Thursday, February 2, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Music Class

As part of Landon's Christmas we signed him up for music classes. Yes, I know this may sound silly for us to sign a 9 month old up for music classes but, they are specifically designed for children from birth to 4 years. The classes are by My First Music Discovery Class and I have to say they are amazing.

I really wanted something that Landon and I could do together since I spend alot of time at work. I cannot even begin to tell you how much he has enjoyed these classes. I have REALLY enjoyed taking him. Tomorrow is our last class but, we are certain to be back for the spring semester.

Last week, when Grammie was in town to visit Landon she came to the class too and took pictures of us. The pictures are not fantastic because we were moving so much but, I love to see myself being a mommy. Sometimes, I am so in the moment that it's over in a flash and I feel like I missed it. So this week we are embracing the camera at music class.