Saturday, April 14, 2012

1 YEAR!!!

I truly cannot believe Landon is a year old. I never in my wildest dreams thought this year would go by so quickly but, it has and now I have a toddler. I will continue to take his picture monthly for the next year but I will not do an update each month. For now, here is our last monthly update.

  • Landon finally started walking beyond taking just a few steps here and there. He is fully mobile just in time for his birthday.
  • He is now on whole milk
  • Copies almost everything you say and do including coughing, blowing your nose and whistling.
  • His newest words are "Boo" "Dog" "Bird" and "Cookie"
  • He signs "all done" and "more" and knows what they mean.
  • He LOVES outside and would gladly stay out all day and he LOVES to play in his water table and screams when its time to come in.
  • He has some pretty sweet dance moves!
  • Spends alot of his time driving his cars
  • Loves to get in the cabinet and play with the pots and pans
  • Sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG!!! and will stay in his bed until you get him up.
  • Eats anything and everything including sushi, Japanese food, Mexican food (which resulted in a terrible diaper rash) jellybeans and beets
  • When I go into get him each morning he wants me to kiss whatever stuffed animal he has (usually Ernie) and then he kisses him too.
  • He blows kisses, brushes his hair, brushes his teeth, points to whatever it is he wants and feeds the dog
  • Starting to get a little attitude, he screams at you if you are doing something he doesn't like
  • Still has the sweetest baby laugh of all time
To my sweet Landon
Oh quickly time has passed! It seems only yesterday I was bringing you home for the first time. I wish I could tell you how much I have enjoyed the past year. You have made me happier than I ever could have imagined. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us over the next year. I love you baby boy! Happy Birthday!

and 1 Year old!!!