Saturday, July 21, 2012

A few words

In all the craziness of day to day life I rarely have time to post anymore. There are so many little things Landon does each day that I never want to forget. One of those things I want to always remember is, how cute it is now that he is talking. He has an enormous vocabulary for his age. If you aren't listening carefully it might just sound like baby babble but, to a proud mama these little words are the world. I wanted to document his little dictionary, not so much to share with all of you but, so that I never forget them.

He can name most all his favorite people. "Mama" and "Dada" were first (I would just like to point out that Mama came before Dada). He also says "Nan-Nee" (Nanny) and "Pa-Pa" which double for both Poppy and Poppa. Grammie, now this one is a little confusing he has said "Ah-mi" a little but most of the time when he see her picture he just says "Mama" I think this came from spending more than a week with her and hearing me call her Mom. He also says "Paw" and "Kye" for Uncle Casey. He loves his cousins too but, he can only say two of them "Diddy" (Alyssa) this name came from Alivia trying to say Sissy when she was little and it stuck. He also says "Kay-la" (Mikayla) the others are all a little confusing. He has recently started saying  occasionally saying "Brooo" (Brooke)  "Sigh" (Shai) and "Prep-py" (Presley) when we look at pictures...which we do almost everyday.

He also loves to greet the dogs each morning. He can't wait to get into the bedroom. Once he is in he immediately yells "Dada", giggles and then says "Jahk" (Jackson) and "Dodo" (Odie) I secretly love that he calls Odie, Dodo. He likes to give them both a hug. When we come in the house after we have been gone, as soon as I unlock the door he starts saying "Bah, Bah, Bah" or Back, Back, Back...because I am usually saying "back up, back up" because they are trying to rush out the door. He also tells them to "Go, Go, Go" when he wants them to get away.

The boy knows his food and asks for it constantly. In the morning he asks for "Toas" (Toast), "Mulk" (Milk), "Mel-on" (Watermelon) and "Nan-na" (Banana). The boy also wants to snack all day long he constantly goes to the refrigerator or cabinet and says "Kah-ker" (Cracker), "Cheees" (cheese), "Boc-boc" (Broccoli)  "Kooh-kee" (cookie), "Cake" and "Pie" are both very clear. "Jew" (Juice) is also popular, as is "mallow" (Marshmallow). He also knows the names of stuff he is not allowed to have (yes I let him have marshmallow, cake and pie) "Teee" (Tea), "Koh" (Coke) and "Dooo" (Mountain Dew)

Sesame Street is a staple around here. He watches it every morning, it's one of the few "Soo" or Shows that he will watch. He names the characters he knows when they come on or if he sees them in a book. The two favorite are "Ur-ni" (Ernie) and "Mel-mo" (Elmo). He also likes "Grow-ger" (Grover), "Boh-boh" (Big Bird), "Koo-Koo" (Cookie Monster), "Bur" (Bert) and "Ah-bi" (Abby). I love that he names them when we are reading a book.

He also will point out his (or your) body parts including "Eyeh" (Eye), "Nooo" (Nose), "Tee" (Teeth) and "Bub-bun" (Belly button)

He also goes through all the transportation options on a daily basis. "Cah" (car), "payne" (plain), "boaa" (boat) and "Chooo" for train, occasionally he will say "Tuck" (Truck)

He also says some things we wish he didn't know including "No-No" and "Poop" those are both very clearly spoken and need no translation *sigh* Only the beginning right.

A few other that I think are cute "Wuk" or work, which is usually where Dada is when he asks. "Sye" (outside), "Nigh-ni" (Night Night) "Bebe" (baby), "Baahh" (Bath) and "Pap" (Pappy or Paci). He also says "Heh-wo" (Hello) when he is pretending to talk on the phone or calculator.

In addition to all this he usually repeats everything we say. He amazes me every single day! There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing that sweet little voice and I never want to forget all his sweet little words.