Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Baaack...

Holy Cow! Yes, I realize it has been almost 2 months since my last post. I cannot even begin to tell you all the things that have happened during that time. Things have been super crazy. I have some fun things to share and some great pictures to post. While I want to post about everything that has happened I know, realistically, this will never happen. So, I give you instead the condensed version.

Heath and I celebrated our 10th anniversary together (This one REALLY deserved it own post) with a trip for 2 to Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a fantastic time.

My newest niece was born on May 26th. This here is the beautiful Harper Grace born to my brother Brandon and his wife Ashlie! Don't I just have the cutest nieces?!?

My sweet grandmother passed away just a few days later after a sudden illness. This is a picture of her the first time she met Landon. I love this picture. Meme you will forever be missed and always in my heart!

 Landon and I flew out to TX for her funeral and spent 9 days there. That is a record trip for both of us. While we were there we got to meet and cuddle with Miss Harper.

We also introduced Landon to Chucky Cheese which, as you can imagine, he loved!

We had lots of fun playing at the splash pad with cousin Presley. What a mess these 2 are!

We had TONS fun with Poppa and Grammie.

We took Landon to the zoo.

Aunt Brooke gave the little man his first haircut! (with Grammie's help of course)

Poppa took us for a ride in his boat. Landon LOVED the boat and the lake!

We went to the Museum of Aviation with daddy. L loved looking at all the planes.
This man loves any mode of transportation, let me tell ya!

For July 4th we took a family trip to Savannah where we had lots of fun at the pool.

We celebrated our independence on River Street with about a million other people.

 We finished off our trip with a little fountain fun!

Just this past weekend Emily and Drew came for a short visit. I just haven't loaded those pictures yet and on Sunday Heath and I went with them to Six Flags.

As you can see I have had NO TIME to keep up in the blogging world. Hopefully now that things have settled down I can get back on track because I know you are all dying to see what's up with us, RIGHT?!?