Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Running of the Wieners

Almost two years ago a tiny little wiener dog made his way into our lives. It wasn't too long after getting him that I realized wiener dog races were pretty darn popular. I knew we had to do it. Last October was our first race and we didn't fare quite so well, so we were unsure if we should do it again. Man, am I glad we did!

Yesterday we went to our second wiener dog race. This year Jackson was a little older and not quite as scared as he was last year. The race is held ever year the first weekend in October as part of their Oktoberfest better known as Beer, Brats and Wieners. Its quite a sight to behold, little wiener dogs everywhere. This year my mother-in-law and my oldest niece joined us for the races.

140 dogs raced yesterday and many more came to watch. The dogs are divided into groups of 10 and race against other dogs that are the same size weight and age. Each dog is given a different color bandanna, this year purple was our lucky color. After all the age/weight division races are done they take the top 10 fastest dogs for a grand finale race.

Jackson was in heat 8 this year. When it was our turn Heath was working the chute. He held Jack up so he could see me at the finish line. I squeaked his blue raccoon toy that we had been training with. Jack was focused this year. When Heath put him in the chute and he never looked back, he was too busy looking at me. The gates opened and Jackson and another little dog shot out of the gate. The other pup was about a foot behind Jack. About one yard from the finish line Jack turned to look at the people standing at the fence line and the other puppy passed him. He quickly regained focus. Just before the other puppy crossed the finish line ahead of Jack he turned and went the other way and Jackson plowed over the finish line right into my arms. I could see Heath cheering from the other end. Our little man had won! He was wiggling like crazy when I picked him up. He was so excited but really I think he just wanted his standard hot dog bite he gets for coming to the toy.

Jackson won his age/weight division but because he hesitated his time didn't qualify him to be in the top 10. We didn't care though. We were so proud of him. Heath said he felt like his child had scored the winning touchdown! Jackson even walked with his head a little higher. Later in the day he was even recognized out on the streets of Savannah as being "one of the winners".

The rest of the day we spent enjoying Oktoberfest and walking around Savannah. Here are some of our pics.

Proud Pop/Proud Pup

The ladies with the little Champ after the big race!

Way to go Jackson!

Aunt Britt and Alyssa

Now I know where the expression Dog Tired comes from, poor little guy!

Click here to see a video of the race yesterday, sadly our race wasn't shot but it is still cute!

We are planning to go again next year and with some practice take the Grand Champion Prize!