Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vacation Time

This past week I was on vacation, which was glorious! This time we did not go anywhere we stayed home and the fun came to us. Last Sunday, my parents along with my sister and grandmother came for a visit.

Dad was kind enough to spend his entire vacation driving all his tools to Georgia and building us a much needed covered porch. I must say it turned out beautiful, I love it! I am amazed at what he can do in such a short amount of time. He got it completely finished, Heath and I just have to paint it!He was even able to use some of the wood from the "Big House" that burned down last year. This was special to us because we took our wedding pictures on that porch, and some of that same wood now covers our own porch. Lets just say, you rock Dad! We love our porch, THANKS!!!

I am going to be putting a big Texas star right in the front! (Hope you don't mind me copying Ashlie!)

Of course, mom left her touch here too! She made four sets of curtains. They turned out great! I pictures I took, however are too bright so I will have to add them at another time. I can never seem to accomplish any decorating when she is not here. I need an opinion and creative advice that Heath cannot provide. Thanks mom I love the curtains! So happy you came!
I was super glad Brooke came not just because I love spending time with my sis but, because she is a rocking stylist. She does such an amazing job on my hair every time. I wish she lived close so she could always do it. She is a master colorist! Thanks for the new do, love it!

Nana was here too. She did what she does best...sit and watch! That's what she did but, we were super happy to have her visit since we hardly get to see her! Thanks for coming Nana!

In addition to all this fun we also spent time shopping, cooking, watching movies, playing games and enjoying every ones company. Thanks family for making the 700 mile trip. We are so glad you got to come, Hopefully next the rest of the crew can join!
*side note* Mom, Nana and Brooke were actually here I did not however, manage to get one picture of them, as usual!


Ashlie said...

Wow!!! The porch cover looks amazing! I can't think of anything better then a Big Texas star to top it off. Do you have one yet? I can pick one up for you in Canton. Let me know. So glad you had such a great vacation. Can't wait to see you at Christmas!