Friday, April 29, 2011

Landon's First Easter

We were so excited to have our very own tiny bunny this Easter. We took Landon to church for the first time on Easter. He looked so cute and so tiny. He wore his going home outfit one more time. I was sad when I took it off him because I knew he probably wouldn't get to wear it again. He is growing so fast!!! He was so good during church he just sat quietly in his seat. After church, Linda made lunch for all of us and we followed it up with an Easter egg hunt. Landon was too little to hunt for eggs this year but Heath is getting him ready for next year! Heath and I so enjoyed our little family this holiday. It made it even more special. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Going to Church

Landon and Mommy (I still cannot believe he is mine!!!)

I love his bunny ears! He will probably hate me one day for this!

The cutest little bunnies ever!

The girls are crazy over him.

Landon with his Easter basket. A tiny basket for a tiny guy!

Poor baby, I made him wear these silly ears almost all day but, I just LOVE them!


Ashlie said...

Happy first Easter, Landon Dean!